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Last year, our family began our search for a new puppy. In doing so, we came across this wonderful dog rescue, For the Love of Poodles and Pooches. It was there we met our new family member, a rescued Shih-Tzu. We learned more about the organization and the love they have for saving dogs. This comes with a lot of needs, from vet bills to food, and a whole host of things that saving and rehoming pups comes with.

For the Love of Poodles and Pooches is much more than anything we have witnessed before ourselves. They are a network of fosters, who care for and nurture these, often overwhelmed, future pets. The dogs, some very young puppies, at times come from situations that are inconceivable. The good people at For the Love of Poodles and Pooches give these dogs a new hope, interviewing prospective families before adoption, to be sure these sweet animals get to live out their best lives possible.

To help out, Overdriven Mfg. is going to donate 10% of all sales of picks to this great organization. We encourage you to buy picks from us or to donate directly to FLOP in the link below, which will take you to their site.

If you buy from us, we are also giving you a chance to win our Epiphone Gold Glory Les Paul. Once we sell 500 packs of picks, we will randomly draw a winner and ship you the guitar and deliver the donation to For the Love of Poodles and Pooches to aide them going forward. Please help us to make this a success and help this wonderful organization. Thank you!

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